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Ask Corina

February 2, 2015
Question from Bob H.
How easy is it to get help buying a car after a marriage failed and you had to file bankruptcy but you have a good job?

First of all, keep this in mind: You're not alone. Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence, so we understand both the economic and emotional stress this can cause.

Yes, it's possible to purchase a car in your situation, and we will do our best to make it as painless and smooth as possible. We work with dozens of banks, so the chances of finding a loan is vastly increased. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • ·         Down Payment/Trade In: Your approval for a loan will be greatly increased depending on the size of your down payment. The more money down, the more likely a bank will take a chance with a loan.
  • ·         When banks fund riskier loans, some vehicles are safer to finance than others. New vehicles that hold their value better and/or vehicles that are heavily discounted by the manufacturer are your best bets.
  • ·         Some banks will require stipulations including copies of pay stubs and similar. Don't let this deter or slow you. Be prepared for this and the buying process will be much smoother.

·         If you have a trade, make sure it is mechanically sound and all problems are addressed. With a perfect trade-in, we will be much more likely to give you top dollar for your trade, lowering the amount you'd have to borrow.

I hope this helps, and we also hope everything works out!


Corina Diehl

January 26, 2015
Question from William Numer:
Is Dodge planning to start making the Dakota any time soon?


That is a great question! But first, allow me to disclaim. The following is just my opinion, as we have heard nothing to prove or disprove the reemergence of the Dakota. (Like a phoenix from the ashes. Sorry. I couldn't help but elucidate the vision that last sentence conjured.)

So, essentially William, we, as a Dodge dealer, do not possess any conclusive evidence. But what do I think? I think Dodge will roll out another Dakota, one that will blow the doors off the competition. Because Ram certainly knows how to make a truck.

GMC re-entered the mid-sized truck market with their Canyon. They obviously saw an untapped segment in the market; I think we can be sure that Dodge/Ram is eyeing that same market. The only difference is, Dodge/Ram makes, ahem, completely fantastic trucks.

Of course, there is tons of speculation-some would say evidence, because everything on the internet is true, am I right?-that the Dakota is coming out this or next year. Is it true? I can't say, but I do know that we've known about the Jeep Renegade for at least a year, and it's still to be released. So I can say with some certainty, that if Dodge/Ram planned on bringing back the Dakota for 2015 or 2016, we probably would have heard about it.

That being said, there's actually a bit more speculation about a Jeep pickup truck-yep, you read that right-that might be springing into the market in 2016 or 2017. Again, it's just speculation, but wouldn't that be exciting?

I hope this clears up any questions you may have. Who am I kidding? It didn't clear up anything, just muddied the water a little bit more, I bet. Nonetheless, I will keep my ear to the ground and let you know when we know!


Corina Diehl

November 24, 2014

Question from Dave Schmidt:
Can I still get a half ton Ram with a standard transmission. If NO, why?

Here's a story for you.

A young man is being chased through a dark and scary forest by a raving lunatic with a chainsaw. The man is scared out of his wits and runs into a clearing. In the clearing, a miracle! A perfect old car is sitting there! The young man jumps in and sees the keys hanging out of the ignition. He starts crying with relief as the raving lunatic runs for the car. The young man tries to start the car. Nothing happens. He looks down and sees an extra pedal on the floor and a shifter. The young man eases back in the seat and accepts his grisly fate. 

No, RAM does not offer a standard transmission. But why, you ask, am I boring you with a horrible short story? Because the last time RAM offered a standard transmission option, they accounted for merely 3% of sales. Unfortunately, the art of driving a standard transmission is dying, Dave. Not enough people want a stick, and even more don't even know how to drive one. 

The cost of research and development for a standard transmission for a truck would cost more than the profit from the sales of those trucks. 

In addition, the new transmissions available in RAM trucks, in my opinion and the opinion of many others, are much more efficient and powerful than standard transmissions. 

I can drive a stick, Dave. And I bet you can, too. But we are the minority, my friend. It's a sad world. 

Question from Gwendolyn: 
Do you help people with bad credit get financed? What company do you use for your financing?

We certainly try to help, Gwendolyn! There are a lot of factors that come into play when financing a car with less-than-stellar credit. Here's a small list:
  • Down Payment: Banks take trade-ins and down payments into consideration when offering financing to customers with not-great credit. The higher the down payment, the more likely you'll get financed.
  • The Vehicle: Some vehicles are less expensive and hold their value better than others. Sometime dealerships won't be able to get you financed on the vehicle you want; however, they can offer different vehicle options, vehicles that you may be able to finance. If your credit is not-so-awesome, try to have a little latitude in the kind of vehicle you'd like. 
So, yes, we will do our best to get you financed! We work closely with literally dozens of banks and financial institutions! We will exhaust these resources looking for financing for you. 

November 20, 2014

Question from Reggie McMann:
What is the shortest lease you will do on a new vehicle?


Thanks for the question, Reggie. The shortest lease we do is 12 months. There are, however, some interesting lease options such as a "One-Pay Lease." Essentially, you would pay all your lease payments up front and receive a small percentage off the total. Hope this answered your question!

Question from Mark Harmon (Love your work in NCIS, by the way. But you totally killed it in movie "Summer School"): Is there a lease available for someone who puts on substantial miles?


Long and short, not really. Here's why.

Let's say you're going to drive 30,000 miles a year and are looking for a lease. Since leasing is based on the difference between the car's initial cost, and how much it is worth at lease end, the bigger the difference, the higher the cost. So with a, say, 12,000 mile a year lease, at the end of the lease, there will still be some value in the car-let's say 60% of the value. With a lease, you pay for the 40% you used.

So let's say you get a lease for 30,000 miles a year. At the end of the lease, the residual value of the car will be much lower-let's say 20% of the original value. That means the lease payments would have to add up to 80% of the value. So the lease would have paid for almost the entire vehicle. In that case, leasing isn't a viable option.  

If you're looking for a high-mile lease, we can pack miles up front into your lease. Mileage costs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer; they are usually between $0.12 to $0.15 a mile. So if you think you will need an additional 20,000 miles on your 36,000 mile lease, you will be looking at an additional $3,000 on your lease, using $.15 as an example.

Essentially, the more miles you put on a lease car, the lower the car's value will be at lease turn in. Therefore, the more miles, the more expensive the lease until you get to a point where leasing is no longer viable. Most leases are for 12K to 15K a year. I've seen some high-mileage leases up to 20K a year, but those are very rare. 

November 18, 2014

Hi, everyone! Here are answers to your questions. None of the questions I received really had anything to do with the car business. That's okay, though! I loved the questions--some more than others--but they're all fun! 

Question from Ray Caretta:
"Why do the Steelers play down to bad teams?"

Awesome question! When playing generally crappy teams, each Steeler wears a 50 - 100 pound--depending on the size of the player--belt around their waist. This belt makes playing that much more difficult; but if it wasn't for the belt, every single game would be a blowout. So, in order to keep things fair, and to make the game that much more interesting, the Steelers handicap themselves so the fans will have a nail-biter game instead of a one-sided Steeler blowout. 

Obviously, that's a complete fabrication. I really wish I knew, Ray. Every single Steeler game against crappy teams has me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails. (And I hate to bite my nails.) I recently read a short story called Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut and that kind of prompted my initial answer. 

Question from, ahem, Shish Kabob:
How many times a day do you poop?

Oh, Shish Kabob, you skewer you! Usually once a day. Remember, Mr. Kabob: Fiber is your friend. 

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