Congrats to the Pens—Pittsburgh & Ram Trucks Welcome the Champs Home

June 16th, 2017 by

Pittsburgh is a great city, and now we’ve got the hardware to prove it. Fresh off their 2017 cup win, the Pittsburgh Penguins got to bring the gold home in style thanks to a parade of Ram trucks, including the 2017 Ram 1500. What an honor for this light duty pickup to be performing the important duty of escorting our ice gods back home after their stunning victory—here’s to Pittsburgh and here’s to Ram! We love you both.

The Ram 1500 shares a lot of qualities with the Pittsburgh Penguins; like the Pens, the Ram 1500 is handsome, capable, and strong—oh yeah, it’s also a winner. The Ram 1500 is the proud recipient of the 2017 Consumer Guide® Best Buy Award, and it has been for the past five years. That’s not the only award under its belt, but it says all you need to know—the Ram 1500 is a smart buy.

If it’s good enough for the Pittsburgh Penguins, you know it’ll do you right. The Ram truck lineup is strong, with each model offering a deep bench of its own from the many trim levels, cab configurations, and bed sizes available. If you’ve got hard work to do, get a Ram tuck and work smart and hard.

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