Halfway Through Summer—Have You Taken Care of Summer Service & Maintenance Yet?

July 6th, 2017 by


Hot weather, like cold weather, can do a number on your vehicle and individual components. For example, did you know that tires can be more prone to over-inflation and possible blowouts during the summer than the winter? In the sections below, we’ll cover how the sweltering summer temps, hot pavement, and endless sun can wreak havoc on various car components. And while summer may be tough on your vehicle, it’s nothing a little TLC and an appointment with our Service Center can’t mitigate!


When your car is hot, it’s safe to assume your engine is, too. It used to be that folks recommended using thicker oil in the summer and thinner in the winter, but with advances in motor oils, including synthetic and semi-synthetic oils, that’s not really the case anymore. It’s just important to make sure you have enough oil and that oil isn’t old and goopy, so changing the oil regularly and using the appropriate oil type for your vehicle are the best ways to make sure your engine can stand the heat this summer.


In the winter we call it antifreeze, but in the summer, coolant is king of the engine. Coolant protects the engine from overheating, but like all fluids in your engine, eventually it gets broken down through time, exposure, and use. Keep an eye on your vehicle’s temperature gauge this summer and don’t forget to have you coolant levels checked/topped off when you come in for service!

Air Conditioning:

While it’s not necessarily crucial to have a functioning A/C system in order to drive this summer, your body will thank you. And hey, staying cool and comfortable behind the wheel will help you make cool, confident decisions. When it comes to maintaining your A/C system, replacing your cabin air filter improves its ability to cool and keeps your A/C system in better shape for longer. Remember, it’s better—and less costly—to maintain rather than repair, so getting your A/C system tuned up isn’t just good for the here-and-now, it’s a solid investment in the future, too.

Maybe you’re thinking, It’s time to get some summer service done!, and in that case, allow us to offer you some summer service specials and savings (and some accidental alliteration, too). The service you need, the savings you want, all right here at Diehl Chrysler Jeep Dodge, proudly serving the drivers from Butler, Pittsburgh, Gibsonia, Cranberry Township, and Mars, PA!